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PMW assists many of its customers with their assembly needs. Our in-house assembly experts design and manufacture all of our own assembly fixtures. Whether the requirement is for mechanical assembly, solvent adhesion or ultrasonic welding, PMW can handle all of your assembly requirements.

Punch Press

PMW has full punch press capability and can die cut parts as required.

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There are many ways to trim thermoformed parts. The most efficient and highest quality method is via a 5-axis CNC robotic router. CNC routers allow close tolerance trimming with exact repeatability. PMW utilizes 4 different 5-axis CNC routers in its manufacturing process. Two of these routers are dual table models which allow one side of the machine to run while the other side is being loaded and unloaded resulting in uninterrupted production. PMW manufactures its own epoxy fixtures for robotic trimming in its in-house tool shop.

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